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ƆDЭИƆS _ the technique of perception

ƆDЭИƆS | Contemplation in the rays of light

The paintings have the property to change in the room. It is especially necessary to allocate the alchemy of light in the twilight time threads, as well as in the days of variable cloudiness. From bright lighting has also its own reaction – “the Effect of reflection”.

Sample excerpt ƆDЭИƆS

This painting , at this point, is over a decade old. Лекало ƆDЭИƆS 91 : 3 > The color retains stability

Modification of the mystical image of the world picture_ ƆDЭИƆS

MOD ЭМИKƆМ_  is the artist’s tool for developing an unbiased attitude toward art and freeing his perception from stereotypical thinking.

MOD ЭМИKƆМ – modification of the musical idea of the world picture

For example, considering the city, which in our reality does not exist, is in the real picture of the artist. If you are interested in the individual perception of the author, I invite you to my YouTube channel. There you will feel how close to you in temperament the current flow of music, and indeed, the whole concept in this style.

Art of Perception ƆDЭИƆS

Perception is how an architect designs and completes an outdated model of perception or forms a new one.


is attached like a carpet. Other options. It is not recommended to use glass over the work