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ƆDЭИƆS is visions that are like camera flashes. There are different abilities, for example: immersing oneself in dreams, nurturing the will, hypnosis, improvisation of action.  And this is not the whole range of possibilities of the human intellect. Here would like to note more what dreams lead to. When hope disappears, the freedom of perception opens up. Most of the originals ƆDЭИƆS have no name, the painting has only the date of implementation. To see your own meaning in ideas ƆDЭИƆS is already a unique feature of a person.

ƆDЭИƆS | Contemplation in the rays of light

The paintings have the property to change in the room. It is especially necessary to allocate the alchemy of light in the twilight time threads, as well as in the days of variable cloudiness. From bright lighting has also its own reaction – “the Effect of reflection”.

Sample excerpt ƆDЭИƆS

Before my godmother passed away, she prepared a gift of power for me. Knowing my predisposition to art, godmother gave me a few canvases of good leather. I experimented with oil and ballpoint pens, down to graphite and pastel pencils. At that time to buy the material was problematic, in the course were old leather coats and jackets. This painting , at this point, is over a decade old.

Modification of the mystical image of the world picture

MOD ЭМИKƆМ_  is the artist’s tool for developing an unbiased attitude toward art and freeing his perception from stereotypical thinking.

MOD ЭМИKƆМ – modification of the musical idea of the world picture

For example, considering the city, which in our reality does not exist, is in the real picture of the artist. If you are interested in the individual perception of the author, I invite you to my YouTube channel. There you will feel how close to you in temperament the current flow of music, and indeed, the whole concept in this style.

Wandering on the bottom of the sand in the cosmic desert

The mood of the spirit determines the course for the man of thought. Risk develops intuition, and choice gives a chance to gain knowledge. Sometimes there are circumstances when there are no signs on the road, and the decision to turn changes everything. I had to pay a high price. In order to find myself in this life, I gave up the opportunity to get a higher military education. But over time, the world of thought has revealed to me one simple thing: that any path is abstract.


Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, fate sent my father to serve on the Island of Kantubek, in the Ghost town. My father was a Navigator of an An-72 military transport plane . We can say-the wind picked up, and then decided his meeting with a special woman, my mother. A Higher power marked my birth in this point of the Earth. But, unfortunately, in the world of the living we are all just guests and no one knows exactly how much time we still have. My father hadn’t prepared me for the harsh realities of adulthood. In this helped me service in the Navy. Hiking on different seas, tempers, helps to gain spiritual strength. But in civil society, these memories are simply not enough. It is possible to write a separate book about personal experience in the cruel reality, but there are people who have a much worse life. Therefore, it does not matter what happened and what challenges lie ahead. One can only thank the spirit endlessly for the path to be traversed.